Needle Felting Kits

Needle felting is a completely delightful form of condensing wool fibres to create any manner of sculptural pieces and 2 dimensional art pieces. My kits provide everything you need to dig into a new hobby at home. You will be thrilled at how quickly you can create something that makes you happy and fulfilled! 

We are all spending more time at home these days, and why not learn something new to get those creative juices flowing? My kits include the following to get you well on the road of a new obsession :):

- Enough wool to create the pieces detailed in each themed kit

- Extra wool to play at creating something of your own creation

- A 6" x 6" foam pad

- 3 needle felting needles

- Very detailed instructions with photos to help you create your piece

I hope you enjoy needle felting as much as I do! You will find that this is something you can spend hours at without growing bored. You can do it with your child or on your own. The tactile nature of your pokery-poking is wonderful for the most fidgety and distractible person - just you wait and see!