3 Mouse Pile-Up - Intermediate Needle Felting Kit

3 Mouse Pile-Up - Intermediate Needle Felting Kit

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I live in a very old house and now, when I see a mouse in the basement, I just simply say hi to it. I'm not keen on them coming upstairs, but neither am I terribly scared of them! They love to nibble on my dog's kibble downstairs, so I had mice on the brain when I came up with this kit.

These mice are clambering to get to the gingerbread cookie hanging from the tree! This kit will challenge you for the tiny pieces you must felt and attach separately, including arms, ears and tails. If you have never needle felted before, this kit may be a bit more challenging; this is why I designate it as an intermediate-level kit.

This kit includes the following pieces:

- 1 foam needle felting pad

- 3 felting needles

- Carded wool to create your characters 

- Fishing Line to attach cookies to mice

- Hanging cord to create ornament style

- Extra wool to play around with after this little project!