“Erna & Jarl”-  Beginner Needle Felting Kit

“Erna & Jarl”- Beginner Needle Felting Kit

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Erna and Jarl are a famous and legendary Norse couple, and live cozily tucked away deep within the Scandinavian forest with their cherished (and mostly secret) gnome community. They are camera shy and don't appreciate their images being applied to bobble heads, door stoppers, T-shirts and the like. As such, if you run into a gnome, be sure to keep your device tucked away. Rumour has it that if you point a camera their way, you will instantly be transformed into one of their own - growing long grey hair, sprouting a very tall and pointy hat that covers your eyes, and losing approximately 3 feet off your height!

This pair of gnome ornaments needle felting kit includes everything you need to create your own adorable holiday or year-round hanging gnome ornaments.
This kit includes:
- 6” x 6” Foam pad
- 3 felting needles
- wool
- a set of detailed instructions
- cord for hanging
- extra wool to create your own little creature or ornament.
If you are new to needle felting, this kit is perfect for you! Learn to work with a needle and wool to sculpt adorable characters - you'll get hooked - err, poked? - with the felting bug!