Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025
Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025

Felted View Retreats - Costa Rica 2025

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Topanga Villa - February 15-22/2025

**NOTE: Please ask us for Information about the retreat cost. Costs will slightly vary depending upon the room you select. 

Before you read about this retreat, I have a few questions for you!

1. Have you been hankering for a retreat that is an exceptional holiday but also allows you to explore yourself artistically? Maybe you are an artist who wants to explore another medium. Maybe you are a dabbler who simply loves to pick up new art skills all the time? Maybe you feel that your life hasn't included enough creativity and this is a priority for you - to fill the 'soul bucket' through a form of art.

2. Do you appreciate traveling to a setting where you will be with like-minded people who love to laugh, learn, share?  In other words, are you up for new friends? When I teach a class, I believe that it must offer a feeling of community for the people who have decided to share their time and space with one another. Sherry and I  love nothing more than to develop an atmosphere of sharing and relaxation, humour, and zen. By the end of every class, I feel like we have created a new community where we have learned much together.

3. Have you felted a bit before, but are interested in learning and practicing more? Perhaps you tried a class a few years ago or tinker at home, but just haven't had the motivation or time to get back to it.

It's been a dream of mine to introduce retreats offering visual feasts into my art world, and here we are. I hope you will step into this exquisite dream with myself and my partner Sherry Waters.

Introducing Topanga Villa, Costa Rica as the very first Felted View Retreat. Together with my warm, vibrant and innovative partner and friend Sherry, we invite you to join us for a luxurious retreat that will combine second-to-none views and tastes and sounds of Costa Rica combined with a week-long felting getaway that will be strongly integrated into our Costa Rican experiences.

Sherry and I have carefully worked with our villa partners to curate an itinerary that perfectly balances all that one could seek in a trip such as this: stunning panoramic vistas, excursions, nature, delicious food with native flourishes, entertainment, and of course - the centre of it all - art. 

We will do 4 hours of felting a day, with an invitation for each of our guests to do more during 'quiet times' if they choose - you can do as much as you want until all hours of the night, if you wish! Consider this a Felt-i-day...a combo of holiday and felting. Perfect for a girls getaway, we might add.

The projects we will do on this retreat will involve wet felting for the most part, with some needle felting for embellishments. Your efforts will result in lovely 2-D pieces of art using Costa Rican subjects as inspiration. 

This itinerary is yours to experience within a private setting that will make you feel like the special human you are!

Highlights of this experience include:

  • Private charter bus from San Jose to Quepos, with shuttle to villa
  • Of course, the VIEW (um, have you seen the picture??)
  • Beautiful rooms - we have 10 rooms available for 12 guests. The shareable rooms can be selected and set up depending upon your situation. 
  • Gorgeous villa complete with poolside patio, lounge areas, pool, surrounding paths to walk
  • Beautiful pool  - must be repeated!
  • 2 Excursions 
  • Friendly incursions - 2 in-villa excursions, in other words!
  • Villa chef lunches and dinners with continental breakfasts
  • Live entertainment at villa 
  • Special cocktails upon arrival, 2nd night and last night at villa, along with wine at every dinner
  • Four felting projects (3 central ones, 1 smaller) with instruction by Carolyn and support by Sherry. A minimum of four hours of felting a day. One project is a needle felting one, but can easily be adapted to wet felting for those who wish to only wet felt during this retreat.
  • All felting supplies and wool provided
  • New friendships and MUCH laughter and joy with hosts Carolyn and Sherry

As mentioned, we can accept a maximum of 12 guests for this trip. If you are interested in receiving a full information package, please contact me via my website. If you should decide to book this retreat with us, we will ask you to put down a modest and first deposit of $250 to hold your position and your room choice. A second deposit with full balance payable will be required by early November, 2024 (exact date to be announced).

Your information package will provide full info about this beautiful retreat, our itinerary, costs and deposit information!