“Nutmeg & Ginger” - Beginner Needle Felting Kit

“Nutmeg & Ginger” - Beginner Needle Felting Kit

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Nutmeg and Ginger met at a mixer and they were - quite frankly - all over each other. Soon they were twirling and dancing together, so connected that they were as one. Their love solidified with the heat of their chemistry and once things got cooking, they could not spend a minute apart. Some say that their love seems too sugar coated to be real, but in reality, it truly is a very sweet love story for the ages!

This gingerbread ornament needle felting kit includes everything you need to create your own adorable holiday or year-round hanging gingerbread ornaments:

-6” x 6” Foam pad

-3 felting needles


-a set of detailed instructions,

-cord for hanging, and

-extra wool to create your own little creature or ornament for more practice!

If you are new to needle felting, this kit is perfect for you. Learn to work with a needle and wool to sculpt adorable characters!