"Spoonhilda" Needle Felting Kit - Intermediate Level
"Spoonhilda" Needle Felting Kit - Intermediate Level
"Spoonhilda" Needle Felting Kit - Intermediate Level

"Spoonhilda" Needle Felting Kit - Intermediate Level

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I'm very pleased to introduce my newest needle felting kit, kitchen witch Spoonhilda! 

The kitchen witch is a very special resident to invite into your home. Believed to be a good luck charm, she keeps your cooking area safe and productive! She prevents roasts from burning, and pots from boiling over (good for me, as I'm prone to cooking mishaps). And on top of this, it is believed that she guards your home against ill will that might be directed towards it. I am hopeful that my Spoonhilda will prevent any more mysterious losses of utensils, etc. I have lost my favourite spatula and a tea strainer which apparently have completely evaporated. 

The kitchen witch goes back centuries and has either Norse or German origins. It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member, but I'm sure she will be just as vigilant at your home if you decide to keep her!

I should also mention that given the deep tradition around this doll, it is a wonderful treasure to pass along to children or grandchildren.


If you have dabbled with needle felting before, then this kit might be perfect for you! Even if you haven't needle felted, you can still take this project on. However, please note that there are some techniques involved that will take some patience and fiddling, including: attachment of several pieces to one another, sculpting details in Spoonie's face, and overall detailing to achieve the shape of her hat, skirt and arms.

This needle felting kit comes with the following:

- 6" x 6" foam pad

- 3 felting needles

- enough wool to create your own Spoonhilda 

- fabric along with a pattern (cut out silhouette) for apron (please note that your fabric may not have the same print as pictured here).

- 9" spoon for attaching to doll (you will need some superglue for this task)

- measuring spoon charm to attach to apron belt

- Wool or twine for hanging your witch (you will need some kind of tapestry needle with a wider eye so that you can thread the hanging cord through the hat)

I always encourage students to experiment and play! Want to attach dried sprigs to your witch's hat? Go for it! Do you want to decorate her spoon with paint? Go for it! Mix up the wool colours? - of course! 

Your witch is YOUR witch. Infuse her with your own magic so that she can truly become part of your home.