Fibre Artist - Impressions in Wool


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About Me

My Background


I am married to my perfect man  and we live in a lovely small village with our two pre teen children and a small animal menagerie (including three beautiful backyard ducks!).  I have a background in marketing, events production and charity work. Although I've always been a creative person, it was just over two years ago that I found this beautiful art form.

My Medium


Wool has become my muse! The vibrant hues, the texture and the complete malleability of the fibres are a song in my heart. It's amazing the feelings that wool painting can evoke. Wool painting is a process by which wool fibres are agitated and felted through the use of soap, water and friction. I personally love to use stitching as a means to add wonderful detail.

My Inspiration


Fortunately, there is beauty at every turn for most of us. Whether it be a country road, the lake at our cottage, or a simple branch wafting in the breeze,  I literally now see everything through a wool lens!  I am also inspired by my husband who is an international sculptor.  Art in conversation is as natural as breath at our home.