Learn To Paint With Wool At Home!

If you are looking to learn a new art technique, consider painting with wool!

Painting with wool is a wondrous art form involving the process of wet felting. Wet felting, simply put, involves the use of water, soap and agitation to make wool fibres latch on to one another to form a fabric. If you place your wool fibres 'just so', you can create wonderful designs which will felt into place. Isn't that wild?? I think so, anyhow.

I'm so excited and proud to let you know that I have created a couple resources so that you can order 'take-out' so to speak. If you buy my book or my kit or my book WITH kit, you will have the resources you need to get started on your wool painting journey in the happy, cozy space that you call your home!

Please explore my new book Learn To Paint With Wool - An Introduction to Wet Felting, along with my Wet Felting Starter Kit. I have created these tools for people who are wanting to find a new creative outlet and who cannot easily attend a live workshop in my studio.

You CAN do this. The first step is to say "YES". The next step is to Create Art and Have Fun. I promise you - you will love this and you will surprise yourself in many beautiful ways :).