About Carolyn

Welcome! My name is Carolyn and I am a wool painter and needle felter living in- as well as art-making in - St. Jacobs, a small village west of Toronto, Canada. I fell in love with wool several years ago and have never looked back (unless someone says “Hey! There’s a big sale on wool roving right behind you!”, and then I look back). 
I am my happiest when creating original wool paintings using the process of wet felting, as well as when I'm designing DIY felting kits using needle felting. I have scads of fun offering workshops in my studio, and would love nothing more than to share my obsession with this vibrant and textured medium with starry, wool-eyed people everywhere.
In this little hamlet that I call my site, I am excited to present my art, offer you unique and fun felting kits, share my workshop-in-a-book “Learn To Paint With Wool!”, and to provide you with a selection of wet felting starter kits. Stay tuned as I work hard on this end to bring these delights your way.
My mantra has become "Create Art. Have Fun". It’s pretty simple, really, and I hope you will join me for the ride.