In-Person Workshops

There is nothing comparable to a live workshop, where participants can not only learn more 'close-up' from their instructor, but can also learn from one another!

I love sharing what I've learned (so far) and passing that along to others. It is my constant hope that I create an environment where learning, fun, zen, friendship and creativity can take place.

Currently, I offer two types of workshops: Learn To Paint With Wool which is a form of felting that includes wool, water, soap and agitation and Learn To Draw With Wool which is another form of felting that includes wool, a needle and poking (also a type of agitation!). 

Both forms of felting are very satisfying and allow for slightly different design possibilities and resulting textures. And they are not mutually exclusive! If you learn both forms, you will see that a piece can benefit greatly from both wet and needle felting. It doesn't matter which type of felting you learn first; each type supports the other so nicely.

Check out my upcoming dates. I welcome you to St. Jacobs and to my studio where I promise to take wonderful care of you :). I always send out full details one week prior to workshop day, so don't think I have forgotten you at all. But please feel free at any time to reach out to confirm registration or ask any questions you have.