Wool paintings

While wet felting - or what I love to call wool painting -  is an art and practical form of making that has existed for centuries around the world, it is still a relatively unknown form of art to most people.

How strange and wonderful to imagine that wool fibres can create artwork that beckons to our souls! There is nothing like the physical and visual texture of gorgeous wool and silk fibres that sing together when mixed and tangled together through this tactile process. I use merino sheep wool roving to make my pictures, and often use the process of needle felting and perhaps a bit of thread or embroidery stitching to embellish my pieces once wet-felted.

I hope you love my wool pieces as well.  I'm grateful to introduce you to this sumptuous art form and it fills me up to imagine that one of my pieces could become a welcome guest in your home. Here you will find wool paintings to purchase for your special space. I recommend that you frame these in order to ensure your pieces last for generations to come!