Learn To Paint With Wool! - An Introduction to Wet Felting
Learn To Paint With Wool! - An Introduction to Wet Felting

Learn To Paint With Wool! - An Introduction to Wet Felting

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PLEASE NOTE: The first run of my book is sold out. I am working on the 2nd edition, so stay tuned! I am aiming to have it ready by end of May. 

Learn To Paint With Wool - An Introduction to Wet Felting is a workshop-in-a-book written and presented in the way my live workshops are run: fun, easy to follow and absolutely NOT SCARY for the new-to-art person. I encourage you to discover a possible new passion in your creative life!

This book encourages you to take images that inspire you and to use the wet felting process in order to create a lovely piece of art. 

In this easy to follow 60 page workshop-in-a-book, you will learn:

- what wet felting is
- how to get your own workspace set up for wet felting
- how to come up with a visual subject that appeals to you
- how to achieve effects through the application of central art principles including: light, depth, perspective, colour, composition
- how to wet felt a piece of art through a step-by-step process
- the options available to you for enhancing or embellishing your finished piece

Through 6 exercises, 7 skills-based Breakout Rooms and 1 project pulling all of your learnings together, you will gain a fundamental understanding of why we do what we do in art beyond the how. These learnings can be carried forward with you in any future project you create. Create Art. Have Fun!

If you are interested in joining an online community of other people wanting to learn how to paint with wool using the wet felting technique, please request to join my brand new group on Facebook called Learn To Paint With Wool. 

*NOTE: This book may be purchased with one of my Wet Felting Starter Kits so that you have all that you need right away to get acquainted with this art form! These wet felting starter kits will be available for purchase November 5.