Wet Felting Starter Kits

These wet felting starter kits are perfect for the "new to art and wet felting" person looking to dip their toes into the river of wool! These wonderful bundles will provide everything you need to get started with wool painting, and include:

- My workshop-in-a-book "Introduction to Wool Painting" - a 30 page book with step by step instructions and lots of pictures perfect for newbies. This down to earth and easily understandable book offers an introduction to art principles with mini exercises as well as a workshop which will teach you how to create your own beautiful pieces

- Bundles of multicoloured wool rovings, enough to create three of your own original pieces approximately 14" x 14" (or any orientation you wish, area wise)

- Bubble wrap for the base of your piece

- A 6" x 6" foam pad with needle felting needles 

- netting (all shall be explained!)

- elastic for tying your piece (for rolling - again, all will be revealed, grasshopper!)

With this starter kit - available in 2 themes of colours, you will learn this beautiful art form and be so delighted to see exactly what you can make!

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