The Poppies Blow - Wet-Felted Wool Wall Art (SOLD)

The Poppies Blow - Wet-Felted Wool Wall Art (SOLD)

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This wet-felted wool painting of poppies is a simple and yet powerful image that combines the vibrance of the poppy with a black and white background to elicit our collective remembrance of wars fought in the recent and further past.

The title of this piece, "The Poppies Blow", comes from the famous In Flanders Fields poem. The piece suggests movement in the flowers and stems in a field, lending a slightly haunting feeling to the work.

I was inspired to create this piece in dedication to a special 97 year old friend and neighbour living in my town. Ed Strauss was a gunner on a Halifax Bomber in World War II. While this piece was created in honour of Ed, it is truly meant for everyone and also stands on its own as a floral piece of wall art. 

"The Poppies Blow" is professionally framed and measures approximately 26" x 20".