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Welcome To My Studio!

For over a year, I was itching to find a space in my village that I could call "studio"to pursue my art. I had a dream, but I needed the space. My kitchen table was no longer going to cut it, and wool was piling up in every corner of my home. Finally, after some pounding of the pavement and some networking, it fell into my lap. My hairdresser had her salon in this building, and made the announcement that she was moving shop. It didn't take long for me  to think 'heyyyy....' and that is pretty much the extent of my big acquisition story! Not exactly the stuff that will fuel a Hollywood movie, but it was exciting enough...

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Once Upon An Easter - A Love Story About Felting

For years I wondered what I could get 'into' to express the creativity that was dying to be expressed from within. This call was strong, and yet I could never find a career, hobby, past time, art form that made my heart sing. I am going to share with you a slightly embarrassing story (go ahead and laugh at my expense - I would), just to show you exactly how much I tried to find my 'thing'

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