Welcome To My Studio!

For over a year, I was itching to find a space in my village that I could call "studio"to pursue my art. I had a dream, but I needed the space. My kitchen table was no longer going to cut it, and wool was piling up in every corner of my home.

Finally, after some pounding of the pavement and some networking, it fell into my lap. My hairdresser had her salon in this building, and made the announcement that she was moving shop. It didn't take long for me  to think 'heyyyy....' and that is pretty much the extent of my big acquisition story! Not exactly the stuff that will fuel a Hollywood movie, but it was exciting enough for me.

After a call to the owners of the building, I was shown the space; immediately I fell in love. This wonderful place has tall ceilings and also tall windows. There is a 'loft', and I'm glad to say that I share the studio with a talented sketch and watercolour artist, Della vanDokkumburg. I seem to mess up the ground floor with my wool, and Della has set up a nice space for herself upstairs where she makes visual magic.

Since September 2020, I have held about 8 workshops for both wet-felting and needle-felting. I had no idea how much I would love doing the workshops. To meet like-minded people who want to play, explore, discover - it's a true gift. I am excited to see what each person creates, and I can hardly wait to get back to workshops when things in our world start to 'move' again.

One of my most exciting goals is to hold spectacular three day retreats where guests from all over the country and beyond can visit our fair village in gorgeous Canada and take in what St. Jacobs and surrounding countryside has to offer alongside the workshop. I know for a fact that this would make the most marvellous getaway for people. I'm hoping this can take place in the fall of 2021 or summer of 2022.

In the meantime, while the world waits for better days, Blue Sky Art Studio is a place for ideas, for creation, for joy and for play. Welcome to my studio; it is my hope that I can greet you in person one day!

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